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2019 NO WIMPS  in BAJA!

Jan. 27th to Feb. 1st, 2019

Hard - Fast - Tough

2017 Survivors

Tim Sherwin

Eric Perry

Chris Groves

Robb Parsons

Chris Kelly

Ken Hilgendorf

Alexander Smith

Joel Smith

Jason Sherwin

Tim Bielski

Steven Sander

Bob Foster

Ryan Dee

Carry Cassidy

Rob Egdamin

Dave Harlan

Jim Evensen

Richard Lestak

John O'Donoghue

The toughest ride in Baja is back and she is angry!

If you have ever been reluctant to go on a Baja tour because you’re not the “tour” type then KEEP READING. I too, am not the ‘tour type’. I don’t like feeling like a tourist. I want to get off the beaten path. I want to go places that few people have ever gone. I want to see and experience the authentic stuff, not a watered-down version. If this sounds like you then clear your schedule and start doing your pushups now.

650 miles of epic single track over 5 days of riding should quench your thirst for the gnarly stuff. A lot of the single track we ride is completely secret and only ridden on our trips. I have searched far and wide for new and gnarly trails to test your abilities, some of them are sure to make you beg for mercy. We have spent many days scouting for this ride so we can deliver all new trails for 2019, some of which have only been ridden by a handful of people. Even if you attended the ride in 2017 you will not be disappointed.

As amazing as the riding will be on this event, the experiences and memories made will be even better. I have practically grown up in Baja, our chase truck driver LIVES in Baja, our other support members have spent countless hours riding in Baja. With our combined experience we can show you the best Baja has to offer. We will be spending one night of the trip at a remote working cattle ranch deep in one of the most remote range of mountains of Northern Baja. Here, our hosts will cook us authentic Baja meals and allow us to sleep under their roof. You will be sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

This ride is intended for those who are looking to challenge themselves with technical single track and cross country riding. We keep road riding to a bare minimum. This ride is not for the weekend warrior, A level riders and very good B riders only.

-Alexander Smith

Included in entry
5 epic days of the best riding in northern Baja
All hotel accommodations (double occupancy) Jan 27th to Feb 1st
Private Remote Gas Stops
Luggage Transportation
GPS (If you don’t have your own)
Some meals
Full support services from Jan 27th to Feb 1st
Event T-shirt
24 years of experience running motorcycle tours in Baja

Quick Details
The ride will consist mainly of single track and technical two tracks. A riders and very good B riders only should attempt this ride. If you have participated in our annual Baja Ride in the past this ride will be considerably more technical but shorter. The ride will start and end in San Quintin. After departing San Quintin, the ride will work its way south for three days visiting the east coast of Baja before turning north and returning to San Quintin five days later. Expect 100 to 150 miles per day depending on the difficulty of the terrain. This true epic adventure is a ride-at-your-own-pace, GPS guided event. You will not be forced to ride in a pack or follow the leader. Each morning you will take off and follow your GPS to the next destination. You are encouraged to ride with other riders of similar abilities or you may choose to ride on your own, it is entirely up to you. Along the way, there will be stops for food and fuel, each will be clearly marked on the map and GPS. The ride will be fully supported by our experienced crew and highway chase trucks, the crew is responsible for hauling your luggage and ensuring your trip goes smoothly. A support center will be set up each night at the host hotel with drinks, tools and spare parts. There will be two support riders on the trail at all times to offer assistance if the need arises, one sweep rider and one mid-pack rider.