The First and Still The Best dirt bike adventure in Baja!

Join us for the 24th running of "THE BAJA RIDE"  

March 9th - 16th 2019

Experience Baja TIP to TIP!

Quick Details

• Event:
    o Start in Ensenada and finish in Cabo.
    o 7 Days of Epic riding.

    o Approx. 1600 miles of the best routes Baja has to offer.
    o GPS guided event. Bring your own or use ours.

• Entry Fee Includes:
    o Hotels, some food, some gas and bike transportation back from Cabo.
    o All inclusive resort in Cabo.
    o Luggage transport.
    o Support team to assist you with any issues.

• Bikes:
     o Most riders opt to bring their own bike on this ride. Bikes must be late model four stroke and well maintained.
     o Rental Bikes are available. Typically 2017 or 2018 KTM/Husqvarna 500’s. $1900 rental fee.

     o Optional bike transportation from Riverside, CA to Ensenada and back is available.

• Travel:
     o Group travel arrangements pre and post event are available.
     o Lady’s travel package available. Have your significant other meet you in Cabo!

A dream fulfilled.

Have you always dreamed about riding in Baja? We saddle up in Ensenada at the famous Estero Beach Hotel and finish 7 days later at land’s end in Cabo San Lucas. Those 7 days will be something that will stay with you forever.

The riding is world class. The men you meet on the ride may turn out to be your new best friend. Like minded individuals who love dirt bikes, adventures, don’t mind putting in a good day of riding and enjoy a cold beer or two to finish the day off.

This is not a Tour. This is a dirt bike adventure. You will not be forced to ride in a pack or follow the leader. You will be following a GPS at your own pace. There will be support riders around to offer assistance if needed but the ride is your own. You will be able to pick and choose for yourself what route you want to take each day.

The route covers some of the most beautiful scenery and remote areas that Baja has to offer. We have been exploring in Baja for over 50 years and can show you some places that most Baja riders don’t even know exist. Our tracks truly set us apart from the rest.

-Alexander Smith
Trail Master

We are here to help...

New to riding in Baja?  Questions?  Concerns?  No Problem, just send us an email and let us take care of it for you.

  • We can handle any logistics for your bike.
  • We can handle travel arrangements for you and your guest.
  • We can handle your bike prep.
  • Need help taking your wife into letting you go?  Forgiveness is easier than permission...