Our History

Established in 1995

IN 1994, On a lonely dusty highway outside of Bahia de Los Angeles, the Smith Family was traveling north after an exciting Baja  adventure over spring break.  Talking out loud, Malcolm mused about how cool it would be to show  friends the incredible raw beauty of Baja.  A few months later Malcolm and Joyce invited some 50 "friends" . The first dirt bike ride was born with 30 riders that accepted the challenge.

The following year, the Smith Family established a non profit foundation to give back to Baja.  Today, the ride through  the Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation provides the funding for approximately 18 University and medical students from El Oasis Orphanage in Valle Trinidad.

The Gold Standard of Baja Dirt Bike Adventure

This is the biggest, baddest Baja Adventure you've been looking for.  Pioneered in the early days of Baja by legendary Malcolm Smith, these are  simply the very best Baja Adventure rides.  Since 1995 the Malcolm Smith Adventure crew has been scouting amazing trails, remote villages and secret spots all down the peninsula.  

Why We Are The Best

Over 700 riders have ridden a dirt bike adventure with us since 1995.  We are the experts in Baja Adventure.  

Who Adventures with us?

NO WIMPS IN BAJA  is for A riders only,  tough single tracks.

THE BAJA RIDE is for A-B- or C riders.  It offers options each day depending on your riding ability.  This adventure  is 1,400+ miles, 200-300 miles per day.

SIDE BY SIDE IN BAJA is designed as a couples or team adventure  with exciting remote scenic stops, ancient roads, beaches and cactus forest.  

NO WIMPS IN BAJA and THE BAJA RIDE are men only events.  

GPS guided and Satellite tracking

These are PGS guided adventures: Single tracks, two tracks, ancient roads. dirt roads, highways, beaches and everything in between.  GPS is provided.  You will NOT ride at someone else's idea of a good pace, or ride in their dust.  You will leave the hotel in the morning at your own timing, following your GPS route to  rest stops, fuel stops, lunch stops and the next night's hotel.  Satellite tracker is required for all participants, SPOT or DELORME or similar.

These Adventures provide funding for the future leaders of Baja, the Children!

Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation provides full tuition to University or trade school to select orphaned children in Baja.  Each year, approximately 15-18 University students  receive full support, including tuition, books, transportation, clothing and a small personal stipend.