Malcolm Smith Adventures

The First and Still the Best Dirt Bike Adventures in Baja!


This is the epic Baja adventure you've heard and read about!  The biggest, baddest dirt bike tour of Baja.  Go all the way, tip to tip!  full support with great hotels, luggage and mechanic's trailers, trail support, sweep and highway trucks, medic and more.  Over 700 riders have participated on this event since 1995.  The men that ride this event become friends and life long riding partners.  This is a men only event.  Father and son teams are welcomed.


The newest addition to the adventure series, created by Alexander Smith, son of legendary Malcolm Smith, is our most challenging ride, technical single tracks and cross country riding.   This a ride for expert, experienced dirt bike enthusiasts.  This is a hard-core, stripped down version of THE BAJA RIDE, which means,  no extras, no hand holding, no staff assist to ride your bike up a hard section.   This ride  includes a "Marathon Stage" a two day, a one night stage where riders are separated from the chase trucks for a single night and given a small bag of essentials to get them through the night, an EPIC night under the stars in a location unlike any other!



Dirt motorcycles, min 250cc.  Excellent condition, super BAJA prepped.  Must have brand new tires.  Bib mousse foam inserts recommended.  Fuel range 110 miles.  Headlight required.  Motorcycle does not need to street legal.  Registration for motorcycle required.  


Satellite tracker required.  Helmets, SNELL or DOT  approved 2010 or newer,  full face with chin guard.  GPS will be provided.  

THE BAJA RIDE 2020   March 14th-22nd

Registration opens soon!

NO WIMPS IN BAJA 2020    Jan. 26-Feb.1

Registration opens soon!