Malcolm Smith Adventures


In the 1970’s a secret motorcycle fraternity called the THE SONS OF DANGER inducted Malcolm Smith into their group.   These men celebrated a lifestyle of hard working businessmen who shed the corporate image for serious motorcycle riding in their spare time.   Back in the 70's, choppers and their riders dominated the public motorcycle scene. Good guy, dirt bike riders were lumped together with the chopper scene in the public's mind under the category of "bad guys”.   In those days corporate American didn't have things like "dress down Fridays" and did not tolerate the radical fringe.   It was a clear line, "You are one of us or one of them!"   Motorcyclists were clearly "one of THEM".

Thus was born, the  underground band of good guys, meeting in the mountains or hills to ride motorcycles.  Broken legs, sprained wrists and injured shoulders were passed off as "skiing" or “bicycle riding” or some other acceptable past time. These men, the original   SON’S OF DANGER!

Induction to the Sons of Danger was by invitation only.   Inductees  were issued a credit card size identification card.  No promotional material, no lists of members or phone contacts.  It was all word of mouth, carefree and clandestine.

In 2000 the mantle was passed to Malcolm to induct  riders of the new millennium who fit the unique lifestyle of THE SONS OF DANGER.  Each year Malcolm Smith Adventures invite riders into the group that have established themselves as successful businessmen and true motorcycle enthusiasts; those men that have the skill and determination to successfully ride at least 5 major motorcycle adventures.

In 2000, 16 new members were inducted.  Since then, THE SONS OF DANGER has grown to over 100 active riders.  The SONS OF DANGER are the riders motorcyclists can look to as the voice of experience; Baja and motorcycles.