Malcolm Smith Adventures

Malcolm Smith

Our History

Established in 1995

In 1994, on a lonely dusty highway outside of Bahia de Los Angeles, the Smith Family was traveling north after an exciting Baja adventure over spring break.  Talking out loud, Malcolm mused about how cool it would be to show  friends the incredible raw beauty of Baja.  A few months later Malcolm and Joyce invited some 50 "friends". The first dirt bike ride was born with 30 riders that accepted the challenge.

The following year, the Smith Family established a non profit foundation to give back to Baja.  Today, the ride through  the Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation provides the funding for approximately 18 University and medical students from El Oasis Orphanage in Valle Trinidad.

Fast forward to 2002, Malcolm allows Alexander (his son and 17 years old) to participate in his first Baja ride.  Alexander was hooked and has never looked back.  In 2011, Alexander took over the ride from his father and  is responsible for all things Malcolm Smith Adventures.

You may have heard of this Malcolm guy.  He won the first ever Baja 1000, then went on to win another 10.  Malcolm is a true Baja Pioneer, having explored Baja since he was a young teen with his adventurous parents.  Racing and riding in Baja, Malcolm has more miles than most can imagine.

Note From Alexander

Rider or Adventurer?

I have grown up on a motorcycle and ridden places most can only dream about.  From the freezing Andes Mountains of South America to the scorching sand of the Sahara Desert my motorcycle has taken me to some amazing places.  However, if I'm 100% honest with myself, it is not the act of riding that pulls so strongly.  It is the IDEA of exploration and adventure, the newness and discovery that motivates my motorcycle rides.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my motorcycle.  I just recognize the way in which it allows me to do something I love even more, exploring.  

I'm not the ‘tour type’.  I don’t like feeling like a tourist.  I want to get off the beaten path.  I want to go places that few people have ever gone.  I want to see and experience the authentic stuff, not a watered-down version.  My goal is to make the client experience as authentic and real as possible.  I promise to always take you off the beaten path and show you parts of Baja that few ever get to see.